Areas of practice

We advise and assist our clients during each stage of the life of a commercial company.

This covers all the aspects of business law, ranging from corporate,  to tax, commercial, banking and finance, employment, and real estate law. However, the firm is not only advising and/or assisting its clients in but is also represents them in court.

Our main areas of competence are:

  • Corporate law ;
  • Tax law ;
  • Mergers and acquisitions ;
  • Commercial law ;
  • Bankruptcy and insolvency law ;
  • Banking and finance law ;
  • Private Equity,
  • Venture Capital;
  • Fintech;
  • Intellectual property and information and technologies law ;
  • Real estate and construction law ;
  • Employment law ;
  • Succession and estate planning ;
  • Tort law ;
  • Domiciliation of companies ;

Corporate law

Our corporate law specialised lawyers offer a complete range of competences within all the areas relevant to corporate law and corporate litigation.

These activities cover domestic and international activities.  As soon as a project has been set up, we assist with the establishment [incorporation?] of companies, operations related to its financing and its audits, carrying out joint-ventures and mergers. We advise our clients starting from the local company to become an international player, including potential IPOs. This advice covers the preparation and negotiation of acquisition, reorganisation or disposal strategies. We further assist in the set-up of a corporate governance regarding the day-to-day business, allowing international groups to implement their goals.

Tax law

We advise on both direct and indirect tax matters, including tax litigation.

With respect to individuals, we also assist with the set-up and implementation of estate planning and regularly represent individuals in their tax litigation issues. Regarding corporate taxation, we assist on national, international and European taxation levels.

National taxation

We assist companies in view of tax optimisation of their cash repatriation to the shareholder of Luxembourg companies. We also provide assistance in the context of reorganisations (mergers and demergers) as well as in the context of commercial companies confronted to tax litigation procedures.

European union and international taxation

Luxembourg has a wide network of double taxation treaties, and allows numerous international companies to establish their registered office in Luxembourg. Our firm provides the necessary assistance in view of tax optimisation within the European Union as well as on an international plan. We provide legal advice in international tax structures upon the initial stage of new incorporations, mergers, acquisitions and reorganisation of companies. Questions related to VAT are nowadays more and more sophisticated. However, our team of lawyers, due to their international scope of expertise, are able to advise their clients so that they are able to comply with all the different applicable rules.

Mergers and acquisitions

We also advise on structuring services in connection with corporate, contract and tax matters at all phases of acquisitions, disposals and corporate merges, takeovers, financing issues, due diligence and closing.

Commercial law

Our expertise covers different aspects with regard to commercial relations: We help with the implementation of contractual tools and the negotiation and amending of national as well as international commercial contracts. In case a contracting partner does not respect its contractual obligations, we also intervene also in the litigation stage potentially resulting from such infringements. We are active in distribution and anti-trust matters and give advice to our clients regarding the implementation of distribution systems as well as issues regarding the relations between supplier and distributor. Our lawyers assist in advice and litigation situations related to the treatment of companies under financial distress, in case of preventive and/or reorganisation measures, concluding with the assistance in case of a corporate bankruptcy . We can also appear on the other side of table by assisting creditors.

Bankruptcy and insolvency law

Our lawyers provide a broad range of advice and assistance in the areas of restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings to companies under financial distress. Our assistance includes the analysis of financial situations, failure to pay current liabilities, pre-bankruptcy processes, assistance and representation in friendly restructuring negotiations and conciliation procedures.

Banking and financial law

We provide legal assistance to our clients (investors, shareholders and industrial groups) within their requests for credits and financing, covering all types of transactions and structures.

Private Equity

We advise our clients in structuring and negotiating private equity transactions.

After carefully evaluating their objectives, we propose pragmatic investment solutions optimizing debt and /or equity funding for alternative investments (regulated and unregulated vehicles). Our experience in the Luxembourg market, combined with our active participation in the development of local practice, provides deep insight into approaches for structuring tailor-made, strategic, corporate, tax efficient private equity and alternative investments.

Our clients are sophisticated and well informed investors, professional and institutional investors mainly from Europe and North America.

We provide cost-effective, result-oriented structuring and tax advice from the early stages of financing, and throughout the life of an investment, including formation, development capital, public listing, buy-out and rescue capital stages.

Venture Capital

Further to our expertise in private equity, with also intervene in the earlier stages of investment into smaller companies (seed-funding). Combined with our tax and corporate governance expertise, we can provide precise and tailor-made structures and solutions to our client’s needs.


Luxembourg has become a major hub for Fintech companies by providing a rich and favourable environment (such as the LhoFT (“Luxembourg House of Financial Technology”), the the House of Startups  and the Technoport). We regularly assist such Fintechs to develop and implement their business strategy from a corporate law point of view.

Intellectual property and information technologies law

The firm assists its clients within all the fields regarding intellectual property rights, the protection of patents, trademarks, drawings and specimen rights, the editing of license agreements and the assignment of rights on intellectual property. With respect to computer technologies, our activity includes the drafting and negotiation of contracts for the account of computer professionals receiving benefits as well as for the user’s account. We also intervene  more classical operations such as user licenses, software development contracts, maintenance, assistance and financing of software products.

Real estate and construction law

We provide assistance in all legal issues related to the real estate sector, rendering our services to clients as both a main service and a complementary service, as interdisciplinary performance. We assist our clients within all transactions related to real estate, including building negotiations, financing, acquisition and development. Our assistance also covers the drafting of acquisition, building, and lease contracts for properties with private exploitation as well as offices or commercial centres. We further assists our clients within litigation in real estate matters.

Employment law

We advise our clients with the preparation of employment contracts as well as in all litigation matters that could derive therefrom. In addition to dealing with the standard aspects of labour law (hiring and letting go, agreements with the employees’ organizations, etc.), we assist international groups within the preparation and choice of a share plans implementing the participation of employees as well as top management to the results of the company.

Succession and estate planning

We assist our clients seeking to plan their personal affairs and make the necessary legal arrangements in the context of corporate succession and estate planning.

Tort law

The firm assists its clients with all issues related to liability law and assures their defense during court proceedings. We intervene in particular within the legal defense of our clients, whose professional responsibility is at stake / retained, especially within the medical responsibility field and the responsibility of the companies’ administrators.

Domiciliation of companies

The domiciliation of companies is authorised by the legislator in favour of certain professions including lawyers in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Our specialised lawyers have been offering these services since the opening of the firm and gained a constantly growing expertise in order to advise and assist their customers with the choice of type of company they should establish, e.g. family asset companies (SPF) or a financial participation company (soparfi). Our lawyers advise their clients to draft appropriate by-laws of the company. Once these by-laws have been tailor-made, we can assist with incorporation of the company and subsequently ensure domiciliation services of the company. The firm has its offices in separate buildings in order to centralise all the domiciliation services as well as the management of its the domiciled companies. This is achieved with the assistance of a group including partners and associates specialised in the daily follow-up of all these activities.